This is the hypocrisy of American health care

Physicians and patients are fighting a growing hypocrisy in American medicine. Examples abound, such as criticism that doctors are overprescribing antibiotics and contributing to resistance, while insurance companies simultaneously incentivize their members to use telemedicine programs or urgent cares instead of visiting their primary care physician.

My own insurance company, Cigna, recently sent me a letter notifying me that I will have a reduced co-pay if I use their telemedicine program or preferred urgent care vendor, as opposed to an outpatient in-network doctor visit.

And while this type of short-sighted care may save the insurance company a few bucks up-front, it Continue reading “This is the hypocrisy of American health care”

Medical records debate heads to Supreme Court

A long-running battle about how much patients should be charged for copies of medical records has gone to the Florida Supreme Court.

A patient and a law firm opposed to increased costs have filed a notice asking the Supreme Court to take up the dispute, according to documents posted Thursday on the Supreme Court website.

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Population Health Cuts Native American Kidney Disease by 54%

The rate for diabetes-based kidney-disease has dropped significantly in Native American adults due to improved population health management.

– The rate of kidney failure in Native American adults with diabetes has dropped by 54 percent between 1996 and 2013 thanks to the implementation of proactive, patient-centered population health management programs, said the Continue reading “Population Health Cuts Native American Kidney Disease by 54%”

The 10 Best Health Technology Innovations at CES 2017

The biggest tech event of the year, CES brought stunning new health technologies to the stage in 2017 as well. Let me show you the most promising new gadgets, sensors and wearables in medicine!

CES & the latest trends in tech innovation

For geeks and gadget-lovers the year does not usually start with the 1st January, but a couple of days later, when CES opens in Las Vegas. It is even more exciting this year, since the exhibition Continue reading “The 10 Best Health Technology Innovations at CES 2017”

Electronic business transactions switchover could save healthcare $9 billion, report says

Providers now spend eight minutes on average, and up to 30 minutes on manual tasks like making phone calls, sending faxes and mailing correspondence.

Widespread adoption of electronic business transactions in healthcare continues to grow, but there’s still an opportunity for $9.4 billion in savings, according to new data released today in the 2016 CAQH Index.

Conducting resource-intensive manual transactions costs U.S. health plans and healthcare providers as much as $11 more per transaction, and on average $6 more than when they’re Continue reading “Electronic business transactions switchover could save healthcare $9 billion, report says”

Taking care of Interoperability

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about interoperability. This has been the main goal at MediPortal since the beginning.But, what’s interoperability? In the most rudimentary state, interoperability describes systems and devices that can exchange data, and interpret that shared data. It is at the very center of health IT’s promises. Let me give you an example, when machines can interpret data and perform automatic functions, such as integrating lab results from one facility into the EHR system of another Continue reading “Taking care of Interoperability”

Patient engagement, the next frontier

It seems that we have lots of apps that can tell us how many steps we took today, what distance we walked since we woke up but we are at a point that we are past that. We need to find out how those steps will affect our health, and most importantly how will affect me combined with all my fitness data as a whole.

Wearables are here to stay, just watching CES17 for a few hours I already seen, a smart pillow and Continue reading “Patient engagement, the next frontier”

New Data Show More Hospitals than Ever Making Information Available Electronically to Patients

To help individuals manage their health, beginning in 2011, the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs called on health care providers to enable patients to electronically view, download, and transmit their health information to a destination of the patient’s choice. In 2015, the Shared Nationwide Interoperability Roadmap [PDF – 2.6 MB] reaffirmed this objective.

New data released today by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) show that efforts to expand the availability of electronic health information are yielding significant results. Specifically, the data show that 95 percent of the Continue reading “New Data Show More Hospitals than Ever Making Information Available Electronically to Patients”

What Will 2017 Bring for Healthcare Analytics, Interoperability?

2017 is likely to be a red letter year for healthcare analytics as interoperability, machine learning, and population health management bring major changes to the industry.

After a tumultuous end to 2016, healthcare providers may be looking for a chance to catch their breath before diving back into solving some of the industry’s most intractable problems.  But the growing pressures of interoperability, big data analytics, and value-based care aren’t likely to give anyone a break.

2017 is already gearing up to be a challenging year for hospitals, physicians, and their expanding web of Continue reading “What Will 2017 Bring for Healthcare Analytics, Interoperability?”


Innovation is essential to the continued transformation of health and lives through IT. Innovative ideas, processes and solutions improve safety, quality, communication, efficiency, satisfaction, and outcomes, and they reduce the cost of care.

When we think of innovation, we often think of the invention of something new. But true innovation is not found in new ideas alone – or in the creative reframing of previous ideas. It is found in the execution, Continue reading “THE POWER OF INNOVATION AND TRANSFORMATION”