Patient engagement, the next frontier

It seems that we have lots of apps that can tell us how many steps we took today, what distance we walked since we woke up but we are at a point that we are past that. We need to find out how those steps will affect our health, and most importantly how will affect me combined with all my fitness data as a whole.

Wearables are here to stay, just watching CES17 for a few hours I already seen, a smart pillow and Continue reading “Patient engagement, the next frontier”


Innovation is essential to the continued transformation of health and lives through IT. Innovative ideas, processes and solutions improve safety, quality, communication, efficiency, satisfaction, and outcomes, and they reduce the cost of care.

When we think of innovation, we often think of the invention of something new. But true innovation is not found in new ideas alone – or in the creative reframing of previous ideas. It is found in the execution, Continue reading “THE POWER OF INNOVATION AND TRANSFORMATION”

Healthcare & Smart Technology

The rise of devices that helps us understand our health is imminent. If you own a smart phone, chances are that you are already aggregating health and fitness data. The good news is that using and understanding that data could improve your quality of life. Young children are more plugged in than ever, according to a new Asurion/Parents survey. And while moms are managing kids’ media use, they could be doing even more to protect them.

For example, EyeForcer (Developed by Dr. Vahid Sahiholnasab) is a new, revolutionary and lightweight wearable device that promotes safe and Continue reading “Healthcare & Smart Technology”